Plug In Car Heaters

plug in car heaters

    plug in
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1964 Triumph TR-4A

1964 Triumph TR-4A

I didn't learn from the first Triumph. I bought another! Yep, that is me . You had to learn a lot about cars to get these to start everyday. OK, maybe every other day. My lawnmower today starts better than this thing.
During the winter, I would bring the battery inside and put it on charge, plug in the electric dipstick and cover the engine with an electric blanket. Then you pulled the manual choke out exactly 3/16 of an inch, depressed the gas pedal down 1 7/8 inches turned the key and prayed. If it didn't start on the first try it was flooded and you could forget it for the day. I thumbed a lot in those days. It was really a blessing, most people that picked me up actually had heaters in their cars. The English never figured out how to make heaters or windshield wipers either.

Laptop\GPS Car Stand

Laptop\GPS Car Stand

I wanted to do a GPS nav screen in my car, but I didn't have an in dash system. But I did have an old laptop..hmmmm. What if, I used this as an excuse to use by brothers welder to create a little stand so I can use GPS software on the laptop while I drive.

1) About a foot of 1 inch square steel pipe.
2) An old music stand shelf.
3) About 2 feet of water heater copper tubing.
4) A couple of connectors.

plug in car heaters

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